Fried Chicken

About Us

Miss Diamound Brown was born and raised in the Southside of Chattanooga, TN. She is the mother of two children D’Myunn and Amelia. At a very early age, her grandmother exposed Diamound to the kitchen, allowing her to assist and prepare food alongside her. It was then that she knew that one day, she would one day own her own restaurant.

Throughout her life Diamound was faced with some challenges; the biggest one being her stint in federal prison. However while in prison, Diamound used that time wisely; and nurtured her talent and love for cooking, by taking courses with the National Department of Labor and graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts.

She is a strong community advocate, making it a priority giving jobs at Chatty’s to at-risk teenagers, and people in the immediate community surrounding Chatty’s. She sponsors children at Christmas time, provides food at low or free of cost, and by supporting single mothers who like her, are re-integrating into society from jail or prison. She desires that Chatty’s is not only a restaurant but a safe haven and help people to enjoy a nice soothing atmosphere without having to leave far from home

Chatty’s opened in May 2019 in Chattanooga, TN. The owner Diamound, has always loved the art of cooking, as she was always in the kitchen with her grandmother as a small child. Grieving the loss of her son D’Myunn, Diamound wanted to continue on his legacy while celebrating his life. It was then she realized one of his favorite things was her cooking; and this Chatty’s was born.

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